Thursday, December 13, 2012

Limited Edition Virtue Spire Colors Released

Tired of just black and white? Virtue has just released the Spire in 12 new colors. 6 Based on Black and  6 based on white. The secondary colors are Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple. If you can't find a color you like now you may have some issues. The Spire is the hottest new loader in paintball at this point. Ranks right up there with my prophecy Z2 and rotor. Feed rates are amazing and the hopper is small and lightweight. I'm also yet to get a feed jam. The shape is a little boxy and built more for function over form.

But you certainly cannot complain about the performance and durability of the Spire. The Virtue Spire has two version of the Crown 2 speed feed available as upgrades including one with spring fingers. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dangerous Power Releases the G5 Paintball Gun

 For all you Dangerous Power fans out there, The G5 is coming and should begin shipping this week. The G5 will be a hoseless design, No more macro line issues with this one. Pricing will be $329 with a handful of colors available upon release.
From the outside, the G5 looks pretty similar to the G4 were all used to with the exception of the macro line. The milling looks similar, but slightly different. The G5 uses the same feedneck, barrel, trigger and asa as the g4.  Internally Dangerous Power has come up with a new bolt design. The subsonic high performance bolt engine increases efficiency and accuracy on the G5. Vented ports help cushion paint reducing chamber breaks

  The Riptide regulator on the G5 has been completely redesigned. With only 7 stationary O-rings, maintenance is a breeze. I haven't received any estimates as far as how many shots the G5 will get off of a 68/4500 tank but will give everyone an update after testing.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dynasty Geo 3

Planet Eclipse has just released 4 new styles of the Geo 3. San Diego Dynasty is one of the top professional paintball teams on the pro circuit today. Teaming up with their sponsor, Planet Eclipse, they have brought their personalities onto these Geo 3's. Each player on Dynasty has a specific design, pictured is the design for Ollie Lang. These are a limited edition run, so if you are interested in picking up one of these exclusive markers, you had better do it fast.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2013 Dye C13 Paintball Jersey Released

Looking for the latest and greatest in paintball pants from the leader in high end tournament pants? The Dye C13 line of jerseys has been released in 7 new colors Including Dye tree Aqua and Orange, Cubix Red, Cyan, and Grey as well as Atlas in Blue and Lime. Building on the Dye Core jeresey we all know and love, The Dye C13 Paintball Jersey is lighter than ever weighing in at .83 lbs. Perfect for those really hot days, the C13 jersey is breathable to keep you cool in whatever conditions you can throw at it.For 2013, Dye also has matching Dye Rotors and Dye I4 goggles to match. With the Dye glove cuffs, you almost don't even need to wear gloves. Elbows have typical plush dye padding to keep you comfortable and get a few extra bounces when needed. Here's a few of the colors offered for 2013, but check out Zephyr Paintball to see the full selection.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Empire Scion Paintball Loader Released

Empire Paintball has just released the Empire Scion Paintball Loader. Looks like pricing will be around $100 placing it between the Empire Prophecy and the Empire Halo Too. Initial specs show this will have a halo Shell, but internals similar to the prophecy. A tool less battery compartment will allow for easy battery changes at the field. The Scion will include a rip drive and the freeway anti jam. The scion is reball ready and has 6 speed settings to fit your game play. The Empire Scion Paintball Hopper will be available in mid November.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paintball World Cup 2012 is this Week

The biggest event of the year is this week in Orlando Florida. The Fantasy of Flight museum will host the PSP beginning on wednesday the 24. This week will feature the release of all the new 2013 gear from the top paintball vendors. Dye is releasing the Dye Dam and DM13 Guns along with expected new pants and jerseys. You should also see new soft goods from Planet Eclipse, Empire BT, Valken, GI Sportz and more.What else will we see this year? Be sure to check back with the Godz on wednesday and thursday for product pictures and updates
   The tournament will feature over 350 teams in multiple divisions for 5 full days of game play. The pros will also be playing and will be broadcast on the web for your viewing pleasure. Grandstand tickets are available and will be required to view any of the pro games. If your in the area you should check out the event, it's the biggest event in paintball every year.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spyder E-MR5 Tactical Paintball Gun Release

Another new gun release from Kingman Spyder. The Electronic version of the MR5 will bring some real firepower to the scenario game. For all of 2012, Spyder has only had one electronic gun, the fenix. With the release of the new MR5 platform, spyder is once again adding that electronic upgrade option. The E-MR5 has all the features of the standard gun while adding a few improvements

  • 14" Ported Tactical barrel
  • Quad Rail System for mounting of all of your upgrades
  • M4 style carry handle
  • Adjustable shoulder stock
  • Magazine or hopper fed operation
  • .68cal or Tiberius firts strike round capable (magazine only)
  • Polymer clamping feed neck
  • Advanced E-trigger firing modes - Semi, 3 shot, 6 shot and Full auto
Full specs are included in the image below from Kingman.

The magazine fed feature is pretty interesting. From the looks of it, the magazine will only accept Tiberius arms first strike sniper rounds. With the flip of a switch, you can choose to fire from the 9 round magazine instead of the standard hopper. Could be very useful in the middle of a scenario game when you need a little long range sniper capability. Since pricing has not yet been released, we're hoping to see an affordable gun, but with all the features included, we might see something in the mid $200 range. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Spyder MR5 Tactical Paintball Gun

Kingman Spyder has just released specs on the new Spyder MR5 series of tactical paintball markers. The MR5 will continue the MR series M4 style look with a bunch of new features added. The new MR5 will allow either hopper fed or magazine fed operation depending on the style of game your playing. The Spyder MR5 will also allow you to use standard .68 cal paintballs or the new tiberius arms first strike sniper rounds.
The MR5 uses kingman's patented eko valve system for the ultimate in air efficiency. As expected froma spyder,the MR5 will be compatible with co2 and compressed air. The stock barrel will be a tactical 12" ported barrel with a tactical rail system to allow you to add any scope, grip or site upgrade you can think of. Also inlcuded with the MR5 is a multi position adjustable stock. Additional 9 round first strike magazines will be available for sale seperately. Pricing has not been released, but i'm guessing we'll see something in the $200 range for the semi auto version. Standard colors will be black and olive.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

DYE Assault Matrix DAM Released

Dye precision, the brand behind the best paintball guns and gear for the tournament player has added a pretty sweet scenario marker to there offerings. The dye dam takes alot of features from the Dye Matrix platform and adds in a bunch of new tactical tweeks. The Dye DAM uses a regulator system based off the popular Dye Hyper regulator. The assault matrix features an on/off asa as well as a gas through frame to eliminate external hoses.

The Dye DAM has multiple firing modes including semi auto, 3 shot burst and full auto. For you Mil sim people, the assault matrix can use either a standard hopper fed operation, or switch to a dual 10 round mag system with the flip of a switch. You also have the choice of using standard .68 cal paintballs or the tiberius arms first strike rounds. Switching between hopper and magazine feed is done through the flip of a switch on the side of the marker.
Initial release on the Dye Dam will be in black and dye cam, with Olive and tan version coming in 2013. Pricing has not been released yet, but is expected to be around the DM which was $1250 for 2011.

Performance on the DAM is 25+ Balls per second and includes dye's new eye pipe system as well as a quick release bolt system.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spyder Hammer 7 Pump Paintball Gun Released

A first from Kingman Spyder. A pump action paintball gun. The Hammer 7 is compatible with .68 cal paintballs as well as the tiberius arms first strike rounds. The hammer 7 can be either magazine fed or hopper fed. Never ending choices for hoe you play. Looks like there will be black and olive version of the hammer 7. 

The Hammer 7 will operate on co2 or compressed air. The Hammer 7 has a polymer body along with a 45 cal style grip. I'm still waiting on some pricing and better pictures, but i'll keep the information coming as I here more.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Empire E-flex Paintball Mask

The JT Proflex and Empire Event just had a baby!. The Empire E-flex takes the best features of these two popular paintball masks and combined them to come up with the E-flex. The bottom of the mask is taken from the Proflex mask system while the quick change lens system and ear flaps come from the Event. While the look takes a bit of getting used to, perform is amazing. Crystal clear fog free lenses lasted for my entire day of paintball. When I inevitably got gogged, cleanup was easy by just removing the lens and rinsing it under water and wiping it clean. No more fighting for ten minutes just to get the lens off or wiping the lens off to avoid the hassle and hoping you got all the paint off. The soft lower mask provided a few bounces throughout the day just as designed. The E-flex was released in 6 colors and currently retails for 109.95. Colors available include Black, Blue, Red, Olive, White, and Grey. I'm hoping to see some more crazy colors like have been released on the Dye I4 and Sly Profit, but I guess we'll see what Empire has in store for us.

GOG Paintbal Announces the GOG eNMey

A new entry level paintball gun has been released by Gog paintball. Gog is the manufacturer of the Envy, G1 and Extcy paintball guns. The Gog eNMey will be an entry level marker starting at $129.95. Colors are slated to be black, freak green, red, blue, and silver.

The eNMey will be released at world cup 2012 in florida. The eNMey will feature an integrated regulator combined with a pnuematic spool valve. Sppol vavlves are typically what drives higher end paintball guns. Gog has finally been able to inroduce this technology to the entry level player at an affordable price. The eNMey will be co2 and HPA compatible. As soon as I get my hands on one i'll give a more detailed review. Until than Happy Paintballing

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Win a Free Harness from Tippmann

Tippmann is giving away US Army Harnesses for the holidays. Tippmann will be providing a FREE harness to anyone who buys an eligible 98 Custom, A-5, or Alpha Black marker between October 1 and December 31, 2012. To participate, consumers simply need to visit a participating paintball retailer to purchase a marker, secure the receipt, and complete an online Rebate Form. Tippmann will mail you harness free of charge. While the rebate piece may be a bit of a pain, you really can't complain about free. Most local paintball shops will even help you fill out the paperwork and get it ready to mail in for ya. Tippmann and US Army are the leaders in entry level scenario paintball guns. If you want a bulletproof gun that doesn't need alot of maintenance, tippmann and US Army are the answer.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Planet Eclipse Etha EMC Tactical Rail Kit

The New EMC kit for the planet eclipse etha allows you to add rails and that tactical look to your marker. The possiblities are endless. Flashlight, site, scope, front grip, it's all possible now. The Eclipse etha is the first tru entry level paintball marker from planet eclipse. Planet eclipse has made there name on the revolutionary Ego and Geo paintball markers. Eclipse is the most popular tournament level marker. More pro  and semi pro teams have shot the ego and won tournaments than any other marker. The Etha was released in 2011 and is the leader in the $395 price range. Bulletproof made in the UK quality and performance to rival it's higher end cousins. The EMC kit will take a bit of work to install, but the instructions were pretty straight forward and you should be able to complete in less than an hour if you have any mechanical savvy.

As you can see a black and Tan version of the emc kit are available. Not ready to do the install yourself? A preassembled version is expected to be released shortly or your local paintball shop should be able to do the install for a nominal fee.

Monday, October 8, 2012

PSP World Cup 2012 Coming to Florida

October 25 - 28 the PSP World Cup will be happening in Polk City Florida. Play with your team at the biggest paintball tournament of the year. Or just watch the pro's do there thing. The World cup is also where all the new paintball gear for 2013 will be released. Vendors include Dye, Empire, Planet Eclipse, Bob Long,  GI Sports, Valken and more. What's new for 2013? I wish I knew. As soon as the booths open on wednesday, you'll see all the pictures on the web and you can start drooling. Grandstand tickets are available for purchase now and are required to watch any of the pro games. A 4 day adult pass runs $50 with single day passes running $15. If you happen to be in the area, stop by and support your favorite sport.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

US Army Project Salvo Paintball Gun

Tippmann quality, Licensed US Army product and an affordable price. Looks like they've hit a home run with the US Army Project Salvo. This AR15 style paintball marker packs alot of features for the $149 price tag. The Project Salvo is available in a semi auto or electronic configuration. If you buy the semi auto version to start, you can easily upgrade later. Tippmann included plenty of rails allowing you to attach any upgrades you may want scopes, sites, handles, etc. The included stock is adjustable, foldable and removeable if desired.

The Project Salvo will run off of co2 or compressed air. Further upgrades for this gun include the cyclone feed system for battery free feeding, flatline barrel for additional range as being compatible with most tippmann 98 internal upgrades. The barrel threads are tippmann 98 which provides alot of upgrade options.

So if your looking for an entry level scenario paintball gun, take a look at the project salvo as well as the other US Army branded guns. You will get alot of bang for the buck as well as a pretty cool looking marker.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dye Tactical Molle Vest

For 2012 Dye has a new division focused on the scenario and tactical market. Dye Tactical has a line of BDU type gear inlcuding pants, tops, tactical vests as well as goggles. The Dye Tactical Molle Vest is one of the highest quality vests i've seen in the paintball or airsoft market without looking at $200+ real spec military gear.

This molle vest comes in black and Dye Cam. Full molle on the back as well as a hydration pocket to keep you cool on those hot days. The Molle functionality allows you to adjust what you carry and use any standard molle pouches. Dye Tactical has released a full line of pouches in black and Dye Cam to match these vests. The inner vest material is a high quality mesh that allows you to breath and get the moisture off your skin.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Dye Precision Ventures into the Snow Market

Dye the leader in Paintball gear is venturing into a new market. The Dye Snow brand was launched in 2012. Dye has been able to take there technology from years of paintball goggle innovation and bring it to the snow market. The first snow goggle released by dye is the Dye T1. I tried a pair on today and i like what I see. The lenses and optical quality are as good or better than anything i've tried. The polarized lens on the T1 I tried made for a crystal clear view, no glare. Even tried running and a bit of activity to try to fog up the goggles and could not do it. It looks like Dye has done their research and have a top quality goggle. I can't wait to try these on the mountain. The initial release for dye snow will also feature the CLK googgle with the CLK quick release lens system as well as a full line of protective padding for the hard core snowboarders. (more info to come on future blogs) The pictur of the T1 below is what was worn for testing. Try a pair of these at your local snow shop this year, you won't be dissapointed.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Azodin Blitz Product Review video

A Basic video on the azodin blitz from Zephyr Paintball.
A decent job of reviewing the Azodin blitz, but it's about time for a review on the 2012 model

BT Tactical Paintball Remote Cover

So you like to run a remote coil on your paintball gun, but want to be able to match the rest of your camo setup? The BT remote coil will cover and protect your remote while providing a camo design to keep you hidden in the bushes. Not much can be said about this besides it does the job it was designed for and at 10.95 is relatively cheap. Compatible with all standard paintball remotes.

JT Splatmaster Booth to Visit Bikes Blue and BBQ Festival

The JT SplatMaster Experience will appear at the Bikes, Blues and BBQ located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  The JT SplatMaster Experience gives kids (and adults!) ages 9+ an opportunity to test out the JT Splatmaster Pistol and Shotgun. The splatmaster experience will visit fairs and large events across the country to provide new palyers a chance to shoot Paintball guns. JT SplatMaster provides a fun and safe outdoor play experience for the whole family, JT SplatMaster shoots color-filled ammo resulting in a SPLAT!  The JT Splatmaster guns are a low velocity spring driven gun that gives you the splat of paintball without the discomfort. Event attendees are invited to try it first-hand at the JT SplatMaster Mega Arena, a 100’ x 50’ inflatable shooting enclosure featuring various target shooting activities and a quick draw competition. To make sure participants learn from the best, Pro Players will be onsite to distribute trading cards and educate participants about safety and game play.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

JT Splatmaster Entry Level Paintball for Kids

Jt Paintball has just released the splatmaster line of low velocity paintball products. Designed to be played in your back yard or by kids younger the 10. The Splatmaster uses a spring to shoot special paintball at a low velocity. There is no sting like you typically associate with paintball. The velocity is much lower which will imit your range a bit. Basically the splatmaster is a great way to introduce people to the game of paintball without any of the negatives. Currently they have released a pistol and a shotgun as well as the ammo, targets, bunkers and safety gear to go with it.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Planet Eclipse Ego 11 Dart Bolt System

Planet Eclipse has just released the Dart bolt system for all Ego 11 guns including the CSL. The dart kit will be a full kit including a new valve guide, exhaust valve, and bolt kit. The Dart system is designed to improve the efficiency and reduce the sound of your ego 11. The dart bolt incorporates the cushion tip design introduced on the CSL and included in the new Cure 4 bolt.

Further improvements were made over the Cure 4 with the addition of 2 seals on the body of the bolt on either side of the transfer port. This design allows the orings to operate with minimal lube and maintenance. The dart kit also includes a weighted insert which allows the ego to cycle at a lower pressure.

The Dart Valve assembly improves air flow and reduces wasted air by closing off the valve quicker.

The Dart system must be installed as a complete set. Mixing and matching parts may cause catastrophic damage to your marker.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spyder MRX Mag fed Paintball Gun

The Spyder MRX is the newest tactical look paintball gun from Spyder. The MRX has a host of new features including the ability to switch from a hopper fed to a magazine fed gun. This allows you to play in the new scenario games that are getting popular where you cannot have a hooper. These games focus on tactics and movement instead of just letting paint fly. The Spyder mrx includes an m16 style foregrip and an adjustable stock. Spyder also gave you an offset feedneck so you can actually see down the barrel allowing you to add site or scopes if you wish. The carry handle comes in handy as wel for carrying your marker back after the game. The Spyder mrx will run off of co2 or compressed air and uses a spyder threaded barrel if your looking to upgrade later

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crossfire Compressed air tanks

Crossfire has been in the paintball business for years. They make some of the best compressed air tanks in the business with the highest refresh rates. The latest tanks from crossfire are the all black stealth series. They come in various sizes as well as high and low pressure. The most popular size is the 68/4500. The high pressure tanks are set to 800-850 PSi which is perfect for most guns and required for any gun that can also run co2 including the tippmann and us army line of markers. The low pressure tanks are set in the 350-450 range and you are limited to what guns you can use. I actually recommend that always use a high pressure tank as you will not notice the performance difference. All crossfire 4500 psi tanks have a 5 year hydro date and are made in the usa.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spyder Fenix - Entry Level Electronic Paintball Gun

The 2012 Spyder Fenix is the only electronic offering from spyder for this year. They have done a great job of creating a quality gun to get you on the field. The Fenix is probably the most reliable electronic spyder we've seen in year. Spyder redesigned the Eko Valve to get 2000+ shots off a 20 oz co2 tank. The spyder fenix comes in silver, grey and a rumored Olive and is currently priced at about $150. Complete packages can be purchased for right around $200 with a tank and mask. The fenix has the firepower to keep up with most paintball guns on the field and won't break the bank.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Maddog Sports Made in the USA Remote Coil

So your guns getting a little heavy after a long day of playing paintball? My favorite rig includes a tactical vest and a remote coil so i can put the tank on my back and have a lightweight gun. Maddog remotes are now made in the usa. With the economy how it is now, why not support a product that is made in the USA, no need to support foreign product if you don't have to. The Maddog remote coil comes in a standard remote with a quick disconnect, or a version with a slide check. The slide check allows you to turn the air off to your gun while maintaining pressure in the hose. Makes it easy for you to discconnect your gun after a game and leave it on the workbench until the next game starts.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tippmann A5 The Ultimate Tactical Paintball Gun

The Tippmann A5 was my first paintball gun. Rock solid performance is the standard from tippmann. The A5 has tippmann cyclone feed system so you never have to worry about batteries in your hopper again. The Tippmann cyclone feed uses the excess air from firing to turn a cyclone feed system and feed paint into the marker. The A5 will run off of co2 or compressed air. While the A5 is heavier than the new tournament paintball guns, you have alot more upgrade options and can turn your a5 into a tactical beast with some pretty realistic looks. With the new low price of $179, it's tough to beat the a5 on performance and looks.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun

Looking for an entry level paintball marker for a good price? Look no further than Azodin. Azodin has been a round for a few years and is an off shoot of former Spyder employees. The Azodin guns have a very similar build to a spyder, but they have improved the vlave and efficiency. Tha Kaos runs about $90 and is a solid entry level paintball gun. You can use either compressed air or co2.

Friday, August 31, 2012

2011 Proto Rail Paintball Gun

Look for a sub $300 paintball gun with the firepower to keep up with your friends? Look no further than the Proto Rail. Built to run off of compressed air and using the same autococker threaded barrel on higher end guns. The proto rail is built to perform at a price you can afford. Anti chop eyes ensure the rail only fires when a ball is fully in the chamber. The rail has a elelctronic board preprogrammed  with multiple firing modes for the most popular tournaments including psp, nppl, and millenium.
popular upgrade for the rail include a barrel as well as techt bolts. The bolt out the back design makes for easy maintenance, cleaning and upgrades.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dye Dm12 Paintball Gun

The top of the line in tournament level paintball gun performance in the Dye Dm12. Years of research and development have culminated on the Dye DM12. If your playing high level paintball tournament, your gonna need a gun to keep up. The Dm12 is designed to be ultra efficient and shoot the most brittle paintballs available. The Dm12 is shot by the professional team the LA Ironmen as well as others and consistently wins tournament. The DM12 is designed with a cool bolt out the back design for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Dye Dm12 comes standard with the dye ultralight barrel. This two piece barrel has been included on the top of the line dye guns for years and is very accurate.

Dye has 10-12 different colors to choose from. The standard DM12 runs 1299 while the limited edition PGA custom colors are 1399. If your looking for a high end tournament gun, take a hard look at the dye dm12