Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sly Annex Paintball Goggles Review

The Sly MI-7  Annex

With such a wide array of paintball goggles on the market how can you know which one is right for you? Each mask has its own individual features that set it apart from the competition and the MI-7 Annex is no different. This brand new mask from the same great minds that brought us the Profit paintball mask are now releasing a very competitive entry level mask with features that are very comparable to many higher end models and offered at an extremely affordable price.

Unique Features

The Sly MI-7 Annex features dual foam padding and a rigid frame with detachable visor and comes standard with a thermal lens. This mask includes plenty of ventilation slots for airflow during those hot days on the field and the vents are angled back to prevent getting a mouth full of paint. The head strap includes 3 silicon strips to prevent unwanted movement during the heat of battle. The Sly Annex is a fairly low profile paintball mask especially compared to most other masks in its price range. This mask features the same lightning fast quick release lens system featured on the Sly Profit mask which allows you to change out your lens in under a minute. Not only does this exceptional mask come standard with a thermal lens to prevent fogging but also features an unprecedented 160 degrees of vertical view as well as 260 degrees of horizontal view.

One of a Kind Color Patterns

The MI-7 Annex comes in either black or 4 unique camouflage patterns, each camo pattern is created using a cutting-edge hydrographic finish resistant to paint-etching and gouges. Due to the advanced process used to create the camouflage patterns each and every mask has a truely 1 of a kind print. The dual foam padding around the lens features a cut-out going towards the ears allowing players who wear glasses to wear them on the field so they no longer have to be at a disadvantage. Yes it truly seems as though Sly though of everything when designing the MI-7 Annex and considering that it comes at an extremely low price, this mask would be a perfect choice for the majority of players out there on a budget looking for a high quality paintball mask.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sly Profit Paintball Goggles Review

The Sly Profit is one of the best masks for 2012. With excellent protection, thick foam padding, and two straps the Profit provides excellent fit and adjustablility. The profit is made to protect the head for those of us that don’t like some paint to the face. From the inside you can see that this mask is built like a tank, and has plenty of padding throughout the mask to cushion your head while your brain gets scrambled. Sly has also come out with a large assortment of colors and a few camo sets for players to match their gear with this mask.

Sly Profit in Red, Limited Edition Grey Tone and Blue

Strapped In

_____These goggles were meant to lock in and stay on. With a pair of easily adjustable straps you can adjust the fit exactly how you want it and it will stay there. Both straps are individual adjustable so any head type could wear it . If the two in the back weren’t enough, the Sly Profit also has a chin strap to keep it from rising up. Around the lens is heavily padded with a thick foam, a different kind is used around the sides of the mask and is very comfortable.The profit straps are easily replaceable, and come in a variety of other colors. The colored part on the mask is made  of a hard plastic, while the black or grey portion is one piece of thick rubber that allows for a degree of flexibility. The venting isn’t superb, but functional and Sly has come up with a neat trick on their lenses to prevent unventilated breath from messing with your game. All this adjust ability, foam and padding add up to feeling like a giant pillow wrapped around your head. With an ok amount of forehead protection (I’d still go out with a headband), and some good neck protection for a mask, you’ll not worry about getting hit in this mask. One downside about the profit is that all that padding around the ears kills your hearing.

Sly Profit in White, Titanium and Black