Friday, August 31, 2012

2011 Proto Rail Paintball Gun

Look for a sub $300 paintball gun with the firepower to keep up with your friends? Look no further than the Proto Rail. Built to run off of compressed air and using the same autococker threaded barrel on higher end guns. The proto rail is built to perform at a price you can afford. Anti chop eyes ensure the rail only fires when a ball is fully in the chamber. The rail has a elelctronic board preprogrammed  with multiple firing modes for the most popular tournaments including psp, nppl, and millenium.
popular upgrade for the rail include a barrel as well as techt bolts. The bolt out the back design makes for easy maintenance, cleaning and upgrades.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dye Dm12 Paintball Gun

The top of the line in tournament level paintball gun performance in the Dye Dm12. Years of research and development have culminated on the Dye DM12. If your playing high level paintball tournament, your gonna need a gun to keep up. The Dm12 is designed to be ultra efficient and shoot the most brittle paintballs available. The Dm12 is shot by the professional team the LA Ironmen as well as others and consistently wins tournament. The DM12 is designed with a cool bolt out the back design for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Dye Dm12 comes standard with the dye ultralight barrel. This two piece barrel has been included on the top of the line dye guns for years and is very accurate.

Dye has 10-12 different colors to choose from. The standard DM12 runs 1299 while the limited edition PGA custom colors are 1399. If your looking for a high end tournament gun, take a hard look at the dye dm12

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Maddog Sports Tactical Paintball Vest

looking for a quality paintball vest to carry your pods and keep the tank of your gun? Take a look at the maddog Sports Vest. Available in black and camo, it provides space to store your HPA or co2 tank (up to 88 ci) as well as 4 pods. Fully adjustable to fit most with velcro adjustment on the sides and the shoulder. Run with a pistol as well? The vest has holders for 10 round tubes as well as 12 gram co2 cartridges. As an extra bonus the padding in the vest will provide a few extra bounce and take the sting out of most hits. Overall it's a quality vest for about $50 including 4 pods. As they say, "Don't be Afraid to Win"

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Empire Prophecy Z2 Paintball Loader

The Empire Prophecy Z2 is the newest in tournament level performance from Empire Paintball. The prophecy is designed to be taken apart and cleaned without tools for easy maintenance on the field. The prophecy holds 200+ balls and is available in black as well as limited edition camo, white and Zephyr LTD Orca and Salt n pepper.

Plenty of colors to keep your setup unique. The prophecy has the speed to keep up with any gun on the market and shoot the most brittle paint. I've shot with reballs and had some issues, so if your looking to shoot reball, you might want to look elsewhere. The prophecy runs off 4 AA batteries and battery life has been great so far. been out 3 weekends and haven't changed them yet. The prophecy is slightly heavier than the rotor, but only buy a few ounces. Hit the gym if your feeling the difference.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dye Rotor and I4 Blowout sale

Looks like Dye just put the Dye Rotor and I4 on sale when you combo the two. All cloth and tiger stripe colors are available as a combo for just 259.95 a savings of $50.

The Dye rotor is the current leader in tournament level paintball loaders. Lightweight and only requiring 3AA batteries, the rotor will keep up with an gun on the market.

The Dye I4 has an insanely small profile making it the best choice for tournament level paintball players as well as airsoft players.

Price drops like these typically mean some new colors are coming out at cup, so save a few bucks while you can.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Virtue Spire Released in Black and White

Virtue has finally released pricing and details on the new Virtue Spire. The Spire will be available in black and white. No BPS rates have been claimed by Virtue for the Spire, just that it will keep up with any gun out there and shoot the most brittle paint available. The Spire will hold a true 200+ Balls and has a see through window so you always know how much paint you have.

Not sure I like the Shape of the Spire, but it seasm to do it's job of allowing you to store as much paint as possible in the smallest profile. Cleaning and tear down are insanely easy, no tools needed. The Virtue Spire runs off of 3 AA batteries. Virtue has also released a matching black and white crown 2 speed feed for all you tournament players. As soon as I get my hands on the Spire loader i'll get some more pics and a game review for everyone.