Friday, August 10, 2012

Virtue Spire Released in Black and White

Virtue has finally released pricing and details on the new Virtue Spire. The Spire will be available in black and white. No BPS rates have been claimed by Virtue for the Spire, just that it will keep up with any gun out there and shoot the most brittle paint available. The Spire will hold a true 200+ Balls and has a see through window so you always know how much paint you have.

Not sure I like the Shape of the Spire, but it seasm to do it's job of allowing you to store as much paint as possible in the smallest profile. Cleaning and tear down are insanely easy, no tools needed. The Virtue Spire runs off of 3 AA batteries. Virtue has also released a matching black and white crown 2 speed feed for all you tournament players. As soon as I get my hands on the Spire loader i'll get some more pics and a game review for everyone.

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