Saturday, June 30, 2012

Limited Edition Empire Halo Too Loaders

Limited Edition Ghost White Empire Halo Too Loaders are on the way. Everyone likes white and Empire has listened. The insanely popular Halo Too Loader is being released with a limited edition finish. Be the first of your friends to have the Ghost white Empire Halo Too. The most affordable 20+ BPS paintball loader now has a few color choices. Be different than your friends and stand out from the crowd. I think the white halo too will look pretty sweet covered in some paint.

Limited Edition Digi Camo Prophecy Z2 Loader

Empire paintball has just released a limited edition color of there ever popular Prophecy Z2 loader. Empire is expected to make a limited quantity of these loaders for all you camo freaks. Perfect for scenario ballers or the tournament player who likes a little camo. As expected with the prophecy, the Z2 will feed as fast as any gun you have. With sound activated feed and rf upgradeable, you can't outshoot the prophecy. The Prophecy Z2 will hold 200 paintballs and includes empires rip drive system to get out of those occasional jams. Keep your eye out for additional limited edition colors coming soon from Empire

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dye Rotor Paintball Loader Review

The Dye Rotor paintball loader is the ultimate in lightweight paintball loader deisgn. Weighing in at 1.3lbs and 5.25" high, the dye rotor is the best choice out there at this point.

The Dye Rotor in Black, White, Red, and Blue

Simple Design, High Performance

The Dye Rotor is the most innovative hopper to ever hit the marker, its performance not only leaves all other hoppers in the dust but all the top tournament paintball markers as well. This incredible loader is able to supply a constant feed rate of 50bps and has a highly efficient motor capable of feeding 80,000+ paintballs on just 3 AA batteries. Inside the dye rotor there is a rotating carousel disk with an opposing rotating center arm which allows the feeding mechanism to be constantly supplied with paintballs minimizing any lag time. The Rotor features a positive push button with bright LED display making it very simple to tell whether its on or off and has a stealth mode for night/low light games that allows you to turn the LED display on/off. This loader is capable of holding 200+ paintballs in its 5.25in low profile design and amazing only weighs 1.3lbs. Dye has produced the easiest hopper to work on and clean by making it a totally tool-less design allowing the user to totally disassemble all parts of the rotor and reinstall them within 30 seconds. No longer will you need to find creative ways to clean all the nooks and crannies of your hopper when you have a ball break.

The Rotor in Dyecam, Cloth Red, Cloth Blue, and Liquid Camo

Durability Test

The Rotor Loader has produced is undoubtedly the strongest and most durable hopper we have ever seen, it is able to be completely submerged underwater while still feeding. Due to its fully enclosed circuit board the Rotor can not only endure a rainy day on the field but it can even take a fall into a water filled ditch. Dye created the Rotor with their patented Tuff molding which allows the hopper to be dropped from a three-story building without taking any damage to it’s internals.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun Review

What Paintball Gun Should I Buy?

You can't use field rental guns forever! Especially if you actually want to be able to compete and have fun playing against players that own there own guns. When your ready to buy your first gun you have a lot of questions you need to answer prior to your purchase. Do I like playing speedball or woodsball? How much am I looking to spend? Am I gonna play a few times or really get into the game of paintball?

The Azodin Kaos Paintball Marker

Even though Azodin may be a new name for many paintball players, they design their guns so that each part can be easily customized and are known for their reliability and durability. The Azodin Kaos has everything that any new player needs on their first marker. The Kaos features a DM threaded low rise metal “twist lock 2″ feed neck that allows you to securely tighten your hopper to your marker, unlike most other entry level markers that provide a cheap plastic feed neck that break easily. The azodin kaos, has an autococker threaded barrel which is one of the most common threads allowing you to easily upgrade the barrel when your ready. The firing system on the Kaos is known as the “Feather Striker System” which utilizes a self-lubricating Derlin bolt as well as hardened steel for increased durability and weight reduction. Azodin also added lighter main and valve springs which make the FSS 30% lighter than the traditional striker. The Kaos has a top cocking pull pin, rear velocity adjustment and a quick release Derlin bolt making it a simple marker to use and clean. To prevent ball breakage, Azodin included a double ball detent on the Kaos to ensure each ball is fired consistently. If you would like to upgrade the marker to be electronic, you can easily add the Azodin Blitz electronic grip frame allowing it to fire up to 20 balls per second. And last but certainly not least is the added foregrip for increased stability and accuracy.

With the Azodin kaos paintball gun you can feel confident that it will be able to keep up with your progressive abilities in the sport of paintball. Each part can be upgraded when the time comes to enhance the guns abilities and due to the thread types Azodin chose on the Kaos it will be easy to find just what your looking for in whatever color you may choose. The Kaos comes in 5 stylish color combinations: Gold/Black, Matte Black, Digital Camo/Black, Gunmetal Blue, and Blue/Silver. This marker has high reviews from both beginner and expert players and considering this marker is only $90, this is the perfect marker for every entry level player.

Friday, June 1, 2012

What Type of Paintball Tank should I buy

When getting into the sport of paintball you quickly start to realize there is a lot more to the sport than just going out and shooting your friends. After purchasing your paintball gun the question of air source is the next purchase that needs to occur, either Co2 or HPA. It's a bit confusing, does co2 work on all guns? will my gun work with compressed air? I see HPA, Compressed Air,3000 psi, 4500 psi and Nitro tanks. Whats the difference? We'll try to explain all of theses terms and you should be clear by the end of this post.To better understand which paintball tank would better suit your needs lets look into the characteristics of both options.

Co2 Tanks

Co2 tanks have been the go to air source for years in the sport of paintball due to its ability to store a high amount of Co2 in a smaller sized, lower pressure tank. To better understand the reasons Co2 is used, it’s important to realize Carbon dioxide can be found as both a gas and a liquid, and when filled into Co2 tanks it is filled as a liquid. Co2 as a liquid is very cold and the environmental temperature can cause the pressures within the tank to change drastically. Since it is extremely cold as a liquid you will notice after quickly firing 10-20 shots your marker and barrel will start to get cold. As shots are fired from your paintball gun, some of the liquid in the tank evaporates into a gas within the tank allowing your marker to use the gas to propel the paintball. Unfortunately since Co2 tanks are most often directly attached to the marker, liquid can be leaked into the gun if pointed downward at any point throughout the game causing excessive wear on the internals of your gun. Due to these temperature changes, your paintball gun will be less accurate and consistent. However, with the use of a remote coil you will be able to keep the liquid co2 out of your gun and get rid of alot of the consistency issues related to co2. Plus your paintball gun will be a lot lighter without the heav tank hanging on your gun. 20oz tanks are relatively cheap retailing for about $20 making it a cheap air source for lower end markers.

High Pressure Air (HPA) Tanks

In more recent years HPA tanks have been a much more common source of air in the sport of paintball due to its ability to provide consistent shots all day along with being much easier on marker internals reducing maintenance time on your paintball gun . HPA tanks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and offer a wide range of regulators with very customizable features. Most high end paintball guns require the use of high pressure air only, as co2 will damage the delicate internals of these guns. 4500 PSI high pressure tanks are made of carbon fiber to keep the tank as light as possible. The strength of carbon fiber is what allows these tanks to hold 4500psi. The one downside to HPA tanks is they are generally more expensive 9Typically $140 to $200) since they require higher end materials so they can handle the high pressures. Aluminum HPA tanks are a bit heavier than there carbon fiber counterparts, will hold 3000 psi instead of 4500, but they are significantly cheaper ranger from $40 to $70. Although HPA may be more expensive initially you will save money and frustration in the long run because reduced maintenance and gun issues on the field. HPA tanks have a gauge so you always know how much air you have left in your tank. No more guessing like Co2.

As far as results are concerned there is no competition between the use of Co2 and HPA, the high pressure air provides a more consistent shot with a shorter recharge time without any extra wear on your gun’s internals. Co2 tanks will work just fine with your lower end markers and have been used very regularly on paintball fields for years. One advantage to Co2 is the price, its very cheap to get a tank and fills are relatively inexpensive also if you do have a lower end gun an expensive HPA tank with top end features is not exactly necessary. Ultimately it really comes down to the marker you have and the requirements of it, pretty much all guns would benefit from the use of HPA but lower end guns don’t require it. When it comes down to it the HPA tank is the only choice for those players who want to have every advantage they can and this is one that can make a huge difference.