Saturday, September 29, 2012

JT Splatmaster Entry Level Paintball for Kids

Jt Paintball has just released the splatmaster line of low velocity paintball products. Designed to be played in your back yard or by kids younger the 10. The Splatmaster uses a spring to shoot special paintball at a low velocity. There is no sting like you typically associate with paintball. The velocity is much lower which will imit your range a bit. Basically the splatmaster is a great way to introduce people to the game of paintball without any of the negatives. Currently they have released a pistol and a shotgun as well as the ammo, targets, bunkers and safety gear to go with it.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Planet Eclipse Ego 11 Dart Bolt System

Planet Eclipse has just released the Dart bolt system for all Ego 11 guns including the CSL. The dart kit will be a full kit including a new valve guide, exhaust valve, and bolt kit. The Dart system is designed to improve the efficiency and reduce the sound of your ego 11. The dart bolt incorporates the cushion tip design introduced on the CSL and included in the new Cure 4 bolt.

Further improvements were made over the Cure 4 with the addition of 2 seals on the body of the bolt on either side of the transfer port. This design allows the orings to operate with minimal lube and maintenance. The dart kit also includes a weighted insert which allows the ego to cycle at a lower pressure.

The Dart Valve assembly improves air flow and reduces wasted air by closing off the valve quicker.

The Dart system must be installed as a complete set. Mixing and matching parts may cause catastrophic damage to your marker.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spyder MRX Mag fed Paintball Gun

The Spyder MRX is the newest tactical look paintball gun from Spyder. The MRX has a host of new features including the ability to switch from a hopper fed to a magazine fed gun. This allows you to play in the new scenario games that are getting popular where you cannot have a hooper. These games focus on tactics and movement instead of just letting paint fly. The Spyder mrx includes an m16 style foregrip and an adjustable stock. Spyder also gave you an offset feedneck so you can actually see down the barrel allowing you to add site or scopes if you wish. The carry handle comes in handy as wel for carrying your marker back after the game. The Spyder mrx will run off of co2 or compressed air and uses a spyder threaded barrel if your looking to upgrade later

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crossfire Compressed air tanks

Crossfire has been in the paintball business for years. They make some of the best compressed air tanks in the business with the highest refresh rates. The latest tanks from crossfire are the all black stealth series. They come in various sizes as well as high and low pressure. The most popular size is the 68/4500. The high pressure tanks are set to 800-850 PSi which is perfect for most guns and required for any gun that can also run co2 including the tippmann and us army line of markers. The low pressure tanks are set in the 350-450 range and you are limited to what guns you can use. I actually recommend that always use a high pressure tank as you will not notice the performance difference. All crossfire 4500 psi tanks have a 5 year hydro date and are made in the usa.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spyder Fenix - Entry Level Electronic Paintball Gun

The 2012 Spyder Fenix is the only electronic offering from spyder for this year. They have done a great job of creating a quality gun to get you on the field. The Fenix is probably the most reliable electronic spyder we've seen in year. Spyder redesigned the Eko Valve to get 2000+ shots off a 20 oz co2 tank. The spyder fenix comes in silver, grey and a rumored Olive and is currently priced at about $150. Complete packages can be purchased for right around $200 with a tank and mask. The fenix has the firepower to keep up with most paintball guns on the field and won't break the bank.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Maddog Sports Made in the USA Remote Coil

So your guns getting a little heavy after a long day of playing paintball? My favorite rig includes a tactical vest and a remote coil so i can put the tank on my back and have a lightweight gun. Maddog remotes are now made in the usa. With the economy how it is now, why not support a product that is made in the USA, no need to support foreign product if you don't have to. The Maddog remote coil comes in a standard remote with a quick disconnect, or a version with a slide check. The slide check allows you to turn the air off to your gun while maintaining pressure in the hose. Makes it easy for you to discconnect your gun after a game and leave it on the workbench until the next game starts.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tippmann A5 The Ultimate Tactical Paintball Gun

The Tippmann A5 was my first paintball gun. Rock solid performance is the standard from tippmann. The A5 has tippmann cyclone feed system so you never have to worry about batteries in your hopper again. The Tippmann cyclone feed uses the excess air from firing to turn a cyclone feed system and feed paint into the marker. The A5 will run off of co2 or compressed air. While the A5 is heavier than the new tournament paintball guns, you have alot more upgrade options and can turn your a5 into a tactical beast with some pretty realistic looks. With the new low price of $179, it's tough to beat the a5 on performance and looks.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun

Looking for an entry level paintball marker for a good price? Look no further than Azodin. Azodin has been a round for a few years and is an off shoot of former Spyder employees. The Azodin guns have a very similar build to a spyder, but they have improved the vlave and efficiency. Tha Kaos runs about $90 and is a solid entry level paintball gun. You can use either compressed air or co2.