Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crossfire Compressed air tanks

Crossfire has been in the paintball business for years. They make some of the best compressed air tanks in the business with the highest refresh rates. The latest tanks from crossfire are the all black stealth series. They come in various sizes as well as high and low pressure. The most popular size is the 68/4500. The high pressure tanks are set to 800-850 PSi which is perfect for most guns and required for any gun that can also run co2 including the tippmann and us army line of markers. The low pressure tanks are set in the 350-450 range and you are limited to what guns you can use. I actually recommend that always use a high pressure tank as you will not notice the performance difference. All crossfire 4500 psi tanks have a 5 year hydro date and are made in the usa.

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