Friday, September 21, 2012

Planet Eclipse Ego 11 Dart Bolt System

Planet Eclipse has just released the Dart bolt system for all Ego 11 guns including the CSL. The dart kit will be a full kit including a new valve guide, exhaust valve, and bolt kit. The Dart system is designed to improve the efficiency and reduce the sound of your ego 11. The dart bolt incorporates the cushion tip design introduced on the CSL and included in the new Cure 4 bolt.

Further improvements were made over the Cure 4 with the addition of 2 seals on the body of the bolt on either side of the transfer port. This design allows the orings to operate with minimal lube and maintenance. The dart kit also includes a weighted insert which allows the ego to cycle at a lower pressure.

The Dart Valve assembly improves air flow and reduces wasted air by closing off the valve quicker.

The Dart system must be installed as a complete set. Mixing and matching parts may cause catastrophic damage to your marker.

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