Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Product Release - Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Empire Axe

Every Year empire comes out with a limted edition version of the axe. This years version is the Carbon Fiber Axe Pro. The Axe pro includes the Infamous Empire Redline foregrip as well as a special freak barrel back along with a carbon fiber barrel tip. This Axe is outfitted just like the pros have won tournaments.
All of these upgrades add a bit to the price of the Axe. The standard axe runs at $459 while the Limited Edition Axe Pro $794.95. The body on this gun looks pretty sweet. They did a carbon fiber overlay on the stock aluminum frame. This gun is sure to grab attention at your local field. For more info or to buy one today, check out Zephyr

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Product Release Virtue Spire 260 Replacement Shell

Along with the Spire 260 that was released by Virtue at D-day this year, The Spire 260 replacement shell was also released. Now you can upgrade your spire to hold a true 260 rounds of paintballs. The shell is not cheap at 54.95, but much cheaper than buying a whole new hopper. Install is pretty quick, prob 15 minutes at worst. The Virtue Spire 260 Replacement Shell is only available in black at this point, but i wouldn't be surprised to see some camo colors down the road.
 Compatible with all spire speed feeds and the Spring ramp. Be sure to check these out today at

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Empire Resurrection Autococker Product Release

You've probably heard there was a new autococker in the works. Now it's out. Empire has reworked and improved the classic autococker. The resurrection includes a 6 piece sniper barrel kit (5 backs .675, .680, .685, .690, .695 and

a 14 inch tip) so you'll always have the right barrel to match your paint. Initially there will be two colors available, black and black / grey. Hope you remember how to time a cocker cause your gonna need it for the resurrection. Pricing is 549.95 which is prob a little expensive for this gun, but on the other end you get a complete barrel kit and alot of work went into this gun. Check out the resurrection autococker at Zephyr Paintball today while supplies last.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 to be Released Shortly

The long awaited 2013 version of the ego is set to be released in late april. The LV1 is the first lever valve operated paintball gun.

Lever Valve Technology
The Ego LV1 has a groundbreaking design that changes how a tournament level marker operates. The Lever valve uses a cam shaped lever between the rammer and the exhaust valve to isolate the action of each. The Lever reduces the force required to open the valve. This allows the new LV1 to shoot the most brittle paint while using the least amount of air possible.

Air Transfer Pipe
Say goodbye to macro line leaks. The Ego LV1 uses an air transfer pipe system. Standard macro line hoses and fittings are notorious for leaks. The new Pipe system routs the gas through the grip frame directly to the front Regulator.

Zick 3 Rammer
The latest version fo the zick kit is incorporated in the LV1. The Zick 3 uses a longer stroke. The LV1 also uses a staged acceleration allowing for a slower start while still providing the appropriate velocity at the end of the stroke. While you may thing this would effect firing rates, tests are showing 20+BPS which is more than is currently allowed in any league.

Operating Pressure / Efficiency
The LV1 operates with a LPR pressure of 65-80psi with the HPR providing 120-135psi for firing. Any compressed air tank will run with the new ego as it works with 300-800psi.

My first impression of the new LV1 was it's a bit longer than previous versions. The rubber front grip/regulator and back grips provide a little different feel than i'm used to in an ego. Videos and tests that i've seen are impressive. Pricing will be in the $1300 to $1500 range when you throw in the team and limited edition models. Look for these in your local shop in Late April

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun Coming Soon

Empire will be releasing there new high end tournament marker shortly. The Empire Vanquish has been seen in various posts around the web, but specs and pricing have yet to be released. Check back 2/26/13 for pricing and presale information.