Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun Review

What Paintball Gun Should I Buy?

You can't use field rental guns forever! Especially if you actually want to be able to compete and have fun playing against players that own there own guns. When your ready to buy your first gun you have a lot of questions you need to answer prior to your purchase. Do I like playing speedball or woodsball? How much am I looking to spend? Am I gonna play a few times or really get into the game of paintball?

The Azodin Kaos Paintball Marker

Even though Azodin may be a new name for many paintball players, they design their guns so that each part can be easily customized and are known for their reliability and durability. The Azodin Kaos has everything that any new player needs on their first marker. The Kaos features a DM threaded low rise metal “twist lock 2″ feed neck that allows you to securely tighten your hopper to your marker, unlike most other entry level markers that provide a cheap plastic feed neck that break easily. The azodin kaos, has an autococker threaded barrel which is one of the most common threads allowing you to easily upgrade the barrel when your ready. The firing system on the Kaos is known as the “Feather Striker System” which utilizes a self-lubricating Derlin bolt as well as hardened steel for increased durability and weight reduction. Azodin also added lighter main and valve springs which make the FSS 30% lighter than the traditional striker. The Kaos has a top cocking pull pin, rear velocity adjustment and a quick release Derlin bolt making it a simple marker to use and clean. To prevent ball breakage, Azodin included a double ball detent on the Kaos to ensure each ball is fired consistently. If you would like to upgrade the marker to be electronic, you can easily add the Azodin Blitz electronic grip frame allowing it to fire up to 20 balls per second. And last but certainly not least is the added foregrip for increased stability and accuracy.

With the Azodin kaos paintball gun you can feel confident that it will be able to keep up with your progressive abilities in the sport of paintball. Each part can be upgraded when the time comes to enhance the guns abilities and due to the thread types Azodin chose on the Kaos it will be easy to find just what your looking for in whatever color you may choose. The Kaos comes in 5 stylish color combinations: Gold/Black, Matte Black, Digital Camo/Black, Gunmetal Blue, and Blue/Silver. This marker has high reviews from both beginner and expert players and considering this marker is only $90, this is the perfect marker for every entry level player.

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