Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dye Dm12 Paintball Gun

The top of the line in tournament level paintball gun performance in the Dye Dm12. Years of research and development have culminated on the Dye DM12. If your playing high level paintball tournament, your gonna need a gun to keep up. The Dm12 is designed to be ultra efficient and shoot the most brittle paintballs available. The Dm12 is shot by the professional team the LA Ironmen as well as others and consistently wins tournament. The DM12 is designed with a cool bolt out the back design for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Dye Dm12 comes standard with the dye ultralight barrel. This two piece barrel has been included on the top of the line dye guns for years and is very accurate.

Dye has 10-12 different colors to choose from. The standard DM12 runs 1299 while the limited edition PGA custom colors are 1399. If your looking for a high end tournament gun, take a hard look at the dye dm12

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