Thursday, October 11, 2012

GOG Paintbal Announces the GOG eNMey

A new entry level paintball gun has been released by Gog paintball. Gog is the manufacturer of the Envy, G1 and Extcy paintball guns. The Gog eNMey will be an entry level marker starting at $129.95. Colors are slated to be black, freak green, red, blue, and silver.

The eNMey will be released at world cup 2012 in florida. The eNMey will feature an integrated regulator combined with a pnuematic spool valve. Sppol vavlves are typically what drives higher end paintball guns. Gog has finally been able to inroduce this technology to the entry level player at an affordable price. The eNMey will be co2 and HPA compatible. As soon as I get my hands on one i'll give a more detailed review. Until than Happy Paintballing

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