Friday, October 5, 2012

Dye Precision Ventures into the Snow Market

Dye the leader in Paintball gear is venturing into a new market. The Dye Snow brand was launched in 2012. Dye has been able to take there technology from years of paintball goggle innovation and bring it to the snow market. The first snow goggle released by dye is the Dye T1. I tried a pair on today and i like what I see. The lenses and optical quality are as good or better than anything i've tried. The polarized lens on the T1 I tried made for a crystal clear view, no glare. Even tried running and a bit of activity to try to fog up the goggles and could not do it. It looks like Dye has done their research and have a top quality goggle. I can't wait to try these on the mountain. The initial release for dye snow will also feature the CLK googgle with the CLK quick release lens system as well as a full line of protective padding for the hard core snowboarders. (more info to come on future blogs) The pictur of the T1 below is what was worn for testing. Try a pair of these at your local snow shop this year, you won't be dissapointed.

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