Thursday, October 11, 2012

Empire E-flex Paintball Mask

The JT Proflex and Empire Event just had a baby!. The Empire E-flex takes the best features of these two popular paintball masks and combined them to come up with the E-flex. The bottom of the mask is taken from the Proflex mask system while the quick change lens system and ear flaps come from the Event. While the look takes a bit of getting used to, perform is amazing. Crystal clear fog free lenses lasted for my entire day of paintball. When I inevitably got gogged, cleanup was easy by just removing the lens and rinsing it under water and wiping it clean. No more fighting for ten minutes just to get the lens off or wiping the lens off to avoid the hassle and hoping you got all the paint off. The soft lower mask provided a few bounces throughout the day just as designed. The E-flex was released in 6 colors and currently retails for 109.95. Colors available include Black, Blue, Red, Olive, White, and Grey. I'm hoping to see some more crazy colors like have been released on the Dye I4 and Sly Profit, but I guess we'll see what Empire has in store for us.

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