Thursday, July 19, 2012

Limited Edition White Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader

Getting a little tired of a plain black loader? Empire has just released a new limited edition white version of the Empire Prophecy Z2. The innovative prophecy Z2 is one of the hottest paintball loaders on the market today. The newest version of the prophecy has won numerous tournaments in 2012 paired with the empire axe. The prophecy is great for tools free maintenance and only runs on 4 AA batteries which keeps the hopper lightweight. Feed rates on the Prophecy Z2 will keep up with any paintball gun on the market.
I'm certainly a fan of limited edition colors. Have to stand out from your friends on the paintball field somehow. For only $10 more than the standard Z2, it's not a bad price. They are calling this a limited edition color, but have not released the qty they will make. If i hear some more info i'll update this blog. 

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