Monday, July 16, 2012

Empire Invert Mini paintball Guns

The Invert mini is one of the best paintball gun deals on the market today. With a hose free design and ultra lightweight compact deign, the Invert mini is a great gun for the entry level or advance paintball player.

The invert mini weighs in under 2lbs and will shoot 20+ balls per second with a board that can easily be adjusted on the fly to meet any tournament rules you may encounter.

The stock barrel on the invert mini is made of a high quality machined aluminum with porting for accuracy. The stock barrel has autococker threads which is the most popular barrel in paintball allowing easy upgrades down the road. A high performance barrel is typically one of the first upgrades on the empire mini. In 2012 the invert mini was rebranded as the Empire mini. You will start to see all the new versions of this gun comes with empire trademarks. 

For the price, you can't get a better performance paintball gun on the market today. Prices start at $325 and will increase from there for some of the new custom annodized colors.

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